Why this business donated their time to support repair cafe Ballarat
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Why this business donated their time to support repair cafe Ballarat

Why this business donated their time to support repair cafe Ballarat

The couple behind Ballarat business Tech Studio wanted to support the establishment of Repair Cafe Ballarat and generously donated their time to design and create our website and logo.

Read about why they wanted to support the Repair Cafe below.

Why did you decide to donate your time to create a logo and website for the Repair Cafe?

“The Repair Café stands for a great cause. Not only is it helping the environment, but it’s also allowing people to become more confident in their ability to repair what they have and have fun while doing it.”

What is it about the Repair Cafe that you wanted to support? Does it align with your values? 

“We’re committed to making technology easier and more accessible to everyone. When we were approached by the Repair Café, we saw an opportunity to give back to the community that has already given so much to us.”

As a tech company, are you interested in how we manage electronic waste? 

“Absolutely. When electronics have reached the end of their productive life, it rarely means that the electronics are no longer useful. It’s so common to hear that when a phone starts to run a little slower, or doesn’t have the latest technology in it, it is thrown out by their owner, or put in a draw to be forgotten. Often, something as simple as replacing a battery can give a phone a new lease on life.”  

Have you supported other community initiatives? If so, why is this a part of your business philosophy? 

“We find so many ways to give back to the community. Liv volunteers at the State Emergency Service, Anthony can regularly be found donating at the blood bank and as a company, we can be found at many events that are there for good cause like the “Dancing with our stars” night for Ballarat Foundation.”

Thank you Anthony and Olivia for your incredible work! Find out more them at techstudio.com.au

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