Repair Cafe volunteers give broken items new life
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Repair Cafe volunteers give broken items new life

Repair Cafe volunteers give broken items new life

Published in The Courier on September 1 by Rochelle Kirkham.

Fixing broken items instead of throwing them away and sharing repair skills is the concept behind new monthly community event Repair Cafe Ballarat.

More than 20 fixers volunteered their time for the event at the Ballarat Tech School on Saturday to assist members of the public to repair their broken items.

Fourty five items were broken items were brought in for repair on the day. Of those 21 were fixed and 10 items were partially fixed meaning the visitor was given advice, or will come back next time with a part.

Fourteen items could not be fixed, often because the item could not be pulled apart for repair.

Items fixed included a vacuum, lamp, kitchen scales, hair dryer, heater panel, DVD player, wooden box, whipper snipper, walker, cuckoo clock, mug, dress, sunglasses and model cars.

Ballarat Repair Cafe organiser Mary Duff said it was another great day of fixing, following the launch of the event last month.

“This event had a much more relaxed atmosphere,” she said. 

“Lots of great repairs were achieved including a dead CD player where two cds were jammed together in the disk drawer. These were removed and it is back working again.”

Community members are encouraged to bring their broken items to the next Repair Cafe at the Ballarat Tech School on September 28 from 1pm to 4pm.

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